Importance of Family

Ron has had many titles over the years but none he treasures more than “husband and father”.  Ron has been married to his wife, Laura, for 32 years.  Together they have raised two adult children, Jesse & Adam.  Ron has always known the value of family and as a family has spent a lifetime camping, boating, and truly enjoying the adventures of Montana life.

Growing up and Succeeding in Montana

Being a part of numerous Montana communities has prepared Ron for the legislature.  He was born and raised in Circle, graduated from high school in Corvallis, received a B.S. degree in Business Management from MSU in Bozeman, entered the corporate world in Missoula, finishing in Great Falls, and finally landing back in Hamilton in small business for the last 30 years. Ravalli County will be served well by this State-wide experience.

Protecting our Shared Family Values

Understanding the importance of protecting our traditional family values and keeping the traditional family unit as a mainstay, Ron will advocate such whenever possible.  He is pro-life and supports the traditional marriage between one man and one woman.

Montana Work Ethic

Living with the advantages of a large family and learning a good work ethic at an early age, taught Ron fiscal conservatism and fiscal responsibility.  It is this belief, maintained throughout adult life, that drives Ron to the belief that Government must also practice the fiscal policies required for fiscal prowess.  It is for the well being of Ravalli County and the State of Montana, that these common sense fiscal practices need to be returned and practiced on a regular basis.

I am not a Career Politician

Growing up with a family of 10 children, you learn to carry your own weight at an early age.  My parents taught the family the values of hard work, honesty, and generosity.  Add to that Ron’s commitment to public service, mostly notably his time as member and chief of Hamilton Fire, and you will find the leadership and experience to bring people together.

Bring back Fiscal Discipline

Out of control spending by Government, at every level, must be reigned in.  It is Ron’s belief that the government cannot “spend” its way out of this recession.  Only by fiscal conservatism and fiscal responsibility by government will the economy of Ravalli County and Montana begin to turn around.  It will be the Montana citizens and small business, without the burden of large government and large taxes, that will bring vitality to the economy of Montana.

Protecting Your 2nd Amendment Rights

As an avid hunter over his lifetime, Ron will wholeheartedly defend the rights given to citizens under the 2nd amendment.  Ron will defend against any action that will restrict or limit the use of firearms.

Jobs and Economy

Montana jobs have been lost.  People are trying to find work.  Businesses are closing, and main street is hurting.  The message could not be clearer.  Less government, and less taxes will bring jobs and businesses back to Montana.  Any stimulus funding needs to be at ground zero; in the hands of individuals and small businesses, not giant Corporations. Ron believes he has the experience and leadership to take this message to Helena.


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